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K & M Coin and Currency Supplies

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Before cleaning your coins make sure that you are not going to hurt the value of your coins by doing so. Typically, this means coins should only be cleaned if not doing so would cause them further damage (e.g., when a harmful substance is on the surface of the coin). If you are not sure whether you should be cleaning certain coins in your collection, use one of our books on coin cleaning help make the right decision. If still confused, please feel free to contact us for advice on how to proceed.

Protecting the coin as well as your hands are very important 
If there is a tool, accessory, or other coin instrument you need, you’ll find it here

Coin preservation supplies among numismatic enthusiasts. We carry countless products to help you keep your collection in fine form, from coin flips made of coin-safe mylar, to precision handling tools, 

Make sure that your gold coins are authentic with our certified gold testing equipment. Whether you want to discover the karat level of your gold coins or bars, or ensure that what you’ve invested in is the real thing,  We offer several gold test acids in various karat levels to help you test your metal!

Before you scratch your coin on a test stone, however, make sure that you know how to avoid potential damage to your coins. 

Pick your karat and try out one of our gold test acids, in 10k, 14k, 18k, or 22k. Combine it with a genuine Arkansas test stone, available in two different sizes. For economy testers, we also carry a test stone in glass. Next, you’ll need test needles. Test needles are manufactured in various karat levels and are used to compare the rate at which the metal scratched onto the stone dissolves, to evaluate the coin you wish to test as well as several types of gold testing needles, as well as silver.

If you’ve got coins of different metals, we also offer metal test acids for silver and platinum