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K & M Coin and Currency Supplies

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Coin Folders by Whitman, HE Harris,  Heco, Warmans and US Mint. One of the most economical ways to store and display your coin collection designed for short term storage.

Coin Albums

Coin Albums by Whitman, Littleton, Dansco, US Mint, Supersafe and BCW albums. A great way to store and display your coins in a album is perfect for long term storage. 

Coin Flips & Holders


Coin Flips are a great way to protect your coins for short or long term storage. Cardboard in very economical storage , plastic flips are designed for long term storage , coin Snap lock holders will store easily in boxes, Air-Tite holders designed for long term storage can be stored in albums or boxes. 

 We carry pages for 2×2 flips, certified coins, multi-purpose pages with pockets in various sizes, who collect coins . We know that you have preferences in coin page materials too, so we offer pages in coin-safe vinyl or polypropylene. When you shop you can trust that regardless of your needs for page or pocket size, or materials. You can know that Bayou Bob has done extensive research to ensure that our coin pages are the very best and safest for your valuable coins.
Capital Plastics make hard plastic coin and currency holders as well as medals , medallions, gaming tokens , documents , we stock or can order holders for all u. s. coins and currency and some foreign coins.
 Coin tubes are a great way to keep rolls of coins safe from the elements and potential contaminants while remaining easily retrievable. Coin collector tubes have long been a staple for collectors who are looking for efficient ways to store and protect coins in roll quantities. 
Edgar Marcus brand holders are more of the economical holders on the market for your coins
A stand or frame to display your coins, currency , sport cards and other collectables. We carry 4 Different brands for all your needs 
Coin Boxes of all sizes
We have a growing assortment of coin storage boxes to help collectors safely organize and store their coins. We have coin boxes for rolled coins, slabbed coins and raw coins, as well as other selections to meet your specific needs.

The pouches make excellent traveling cases for individual coins, ensuring a safe, bump-free journey for your precious cargo & Plastic Bags help protect your coins and slabs

Coin collecting supplies are the best way to store and protect your investment. Here at K & M Coin and Currency Supplies we are among the largest in the south and on the web for offering quality coin supplies everything someone needs to display , store , protect and grow your passion of coins every level of collector can find what you're looking for from beginners to professional coin dealer we have you covered.


Please feel free to contact Bayou Bob if you don't see what you're looking for or with any question on the items we do carry we can guide you in the right choice for you to make the hobby more enjoyable for you.