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K & M Coin and Currency Supplies

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Currency Pages    


We carry pages for Small , Large and Graded Currency Pages for our customers who collect United States or World currency. We know that you have preferences in currency page materials too, so we offer pages in coin-safe vinyl or polypropylene. When you shop you can trust that regardless of your needs for page or pocket size, or materials. You can trust that Bayou Bob have done extensive research to ensure that our pages are the very best and safest for your valuable currency.

Currency Sleeves Holder

Find the currency sleeves you have been looking for, sleeves from several manufacturers in all sizes at attractive prices. All of our currency sleeves offer visibility from either side

Currency Albums


 Currency albums by Lighthouse, Dansco, Whitman, BCW and Supersafe, plus a currency wallet by Whitman. You're sure to find the album you've been looking for to organize and protect your currency collection.

There are many options for currency storage, depending on your personal preference. If storing your banknotes in an album is your penchant,we carry a variety of currency sleeves and pages that can be easily added or removed from a currency album.

Choose from one-, two-, three-, or four-pocket styles, made from currency safe materials like polypropylene and mylar. Add them to any one of our quality currency albums made with care by top names like Lindner, SuperSafe, Whitman, H.E. Harris, and Littleton.


Find the perfect combination of storage protection and attractive display selection of currency snaplocks. A collector’s challenge is in finding effective ways to safeguard your valuable banknotes without losing clear visibility. With our currency snaplocks, you can be sure your collection is being safely protected, and you’ll still be able to view your favorites whenever you wish.

Currency collecting supplies are the best way to store and protect your investment. Here at K & M Coin and Currency Supplies we are among the largest in the south and on the web for offering quality collectable supplies everything someone needs to display , store , protect and grow your passion of currency every level of collector can find what you're looking for from beginners to professional coin dealer we have you covered.


Please feel free to contact Bayou Bob if you don't see what you're looking for or with any question on the items we do carry we can guide you in the right choice for you to make the hobby more enjoyable for you.